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Student Testimonials

A. Berard

"Going to DiGrigoli was the best decision I've ever made. I learned so much about hair, but I also learned a lot about myself."

A. Cosme

"By far the best educational program. I have learned so much and become so confident. Thank you to the staff for all of their support."

B. Glass

"I find the Life Skills classes are incredibly helpful; especially for my specific struggles. People pay to take similar classes alone, so I feel privileged for that to be included with the cosmetology course."

C. Laraway

"I had a great experience at DiGrigoli. I learned some good techniques that will help me succeed in the work field. I am excited to go start my career!"

D. Tokareva

"I really liked everything in the school. The teachers are very helpful, patient and understanding. It's really nice that we get our own stations and that we get to experience working on real clients. This school has taught me so much and the experience was awesome."

J. Lebreault

"My experience at DiGrigoli has been an eye opener. There's so many opportunities and so much to learn. Coming to this school has opened my mind to various things. I'm glad I chose this school."

K. Lemieux

"The instructors know how to make you feel comfortable with learning. Their methods of teaching are easy to follow and accurate. Life Skills classes are a good opportunity to be professionally taught how to succeed (or at least want to succeed). I'm learning things to follow for later use in this career. I feel confident that when I leave here I will do fabulous hair. DiGrigoli is an outstanding career opportunity!"

K. Shea

"I think DiGrigoli is a great school! After completing my time here and taking clients daily, it has helped me feel prepared for the real world. The teachers and staff are extremely understanding and good to work with!"

N. Gallagher

"I really enjoyed the school, staff and instructors. I made the best choice for my career when I transferred to this school."

N. Gunda

"I love everything about the school! All the instructors and people are great. I learned so much!"

S. Gennari

"Overall I am very glad that I chose this school and I feel that I got the best education. Our teachers were very helpful and knowledgeable. I enjoyed my time here and feel very good about the education that I received."

S. Hogan

"DiGrigoli has changed my life. I entered school as a single mother with no self-confidence and I have finished strong with a strong sense of self-worth. I now am an amazing future professional. I'm so happy to have found my one true passion here."

T. Hart

"Of all the schools I have attended, this was by far the best. From the knowledge of the instructors to the experience on the student salon floor, it has been one of the best experiences of my life."

Y. Hernandez

"As a student at DiGrigoli I've learned the basics of becoming a cosmetologist. The life skills classes Paul gives are so inspiring and very helpful to me and other students. This journey has been amazing and I'm looking forward to becoming the best cosmetologist I can be."

student testimonial

"Going to DiGrigoli was the best decision I've ever made. I learned so much about hair, but I also learned a lot about myself."
A. Berard
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