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Our Team

The Beauty of Our Team's Approach

What drives the DiGrigoli team? Passion. Our stylists love what they do and it shows in the way our clients look and feel when they leave.

Unlike salons that simply rent out booth space, we function as a team. If your personal stylist is ever unavailable, you can feel comfortable trusting any one of our other stylists to provide you with the cut, color and high level of service you have come to expect at DiGrigoli Salon.

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Not quite ready to take on clients of their own, our assistants give shampoos and apply products for other stylists, while picking up valuable skills from observing the more experienced members of the team.


These stylists are beginning to build their clientele and their confidence about working independently. They are capable of doing haircuts and coloring for men and women and creating their own color formulations under the watchful eye of one of our Master or Elite stylists.


Our Senior Stylists have achieved a high level of artistic ability and have developed great consultation skills. Their competencies in cutting and coloring means they are able to work independently, backed up if and when they need to be by Master and Elite stylists.


The next level up in experience, these stylists have mastered the techniques and developed the artistic ability to create their own cuts, colors and make-up. They have a developed knowledge of the balance and weight of the hair, and an understanding of bone structure. Ready to provide a transformation or full make-over, they are knowledgeable in the art and science of cosmetology.


The top-of-the-line designers on our artistic team, Elite Stylists have a tremendous amount of experience dealing with any and every aspect of the hair industry. With superlative cutting and coloring skills, they never miss the opportunity to mentor others and teach junior stylists new techniques for dressing hair. Elite Stylists are capable of taking someone from long to medium to short hair, not to mention experts at color correction.

The Artist:

The Artist is the highest level of stylist at DiGrigoli Salon. These stylists have extensive experience in all areas of cutting, color, hair treatments, updos, and more, and have mastered these techniques over the course of many years. Due to the demand for their services and their large clientele, they are always booked solid (so make your appointment in advance!) They also understand that learning never stops and they continue to advance their education, their knowledge of current trends/techniques, and are keenly aware of changes in the cosmetology industry. And their work? Well the name says it all – it’s art!


The Team

Jimi Overbaugh - The Artist

Jimi has been a passionate stylist at DiGrigoli since owner Paul DiGrigoli opened his first salon in downtown Springfield over 29 years ago! Having an excellent background in education and experience, Jimi always is passionate about furthering his education. Jimi specializes cutting and coloring and keeping his pace so no one ever has to wait. He relies on teamwork to make that possible at times so expect to have other stylists step in from time to time to give him a helping hand.

Jessica Colon - Elite Stylist

Jessica has been a stylist at DiGrigoli Salon since graduating from DiGrigoli School of Cosmetology over 8 years ago. Jessica’s skills in formulation and cutting precision stem from being addicted to education and training. She is a master at blow drying to the point where her advanced skills have given her the opportunity to teach for our DiGrigoli students. Furthermore, Jess’s care and attention to detail during a guests visit makes them all feel at home and important.

Kim Lavallee - Elite Stylist

What doesn’t kim do? Kim has been with DiGrigoli Salon for over 5 years! An alumni of DiGrigoli School of Cosmetology, she continues to advance her skill set every day. Kim, as well as doing hair, is one of the best make-up artist’s in our area today - not only cosmetic, but special FX as well! She is known in the salon for transformations and complete make-overs. Kim’s professionalism and reliability make her a great fit for anyone’s needs.

Terry Horton - Master Stylist

Terry is one of the instructors in the Student Salon at DiGrigoli School of Cosmetology. His southern charm and great talents in consulting assure his guests that they are going to leave with exactly what they needed. Terry is one of the best colorists in the area, and any client would benefit from his extensive cutting experience and artistic abilities. Join Terry at DiGrigoli Salon Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4PM-8PM.

Tara Cruz - Senior Stylist

Tara has been at DiGrigoli Salon since graduating from DiGrigoli School of Cosmetology over 2 years ago. Tara brings customer service to a whole next level by truly caring, loving and serving her guests wholeheartedly. Tara’s skills include coloring, cutting, perming, updos, and styling. Tara has always, and continues to be very eager about education and staying current. Her creative eye allows her to offer her guests a variety of options and guides you to decide on what suits you best!

Carrie Muller - Senior Stylist

Carrie started as a stylist at DiGrigoli Salon this past year and worked her way up to the Salon Manager position. Due to her artistic abilities, concentrations on color, cutting and updos, along with her great leadership skills, she handles both responsibilities very well. Carrie thrives on bringing new ideas and education to the salon and her guests. She loves to turn appointments into opportunities to educate her guests about their look, and she lives for transforming her clients to feel better than they did coming in.

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